Our Sources

We have been very lucky with our suppliers; each share our commitment to fairly sourced products.
Our JUTE collection is handwoven in Bangladesh, by a women's collective working with traditional materials and techniques.  The products are designed and sourced through a former NGO worker who decided the best way to bring economic development to Bangladesh was through direct economic opportunities. As a result, the line is certified Fair Trade, and the original purchase price directly benefits the families of the producers.  
Our MARKET totes and baskets are produced in Morocco, handwoven by artisans and rural farmers as a second income.  Each weave is particular to different regions in Morocco, based on tradition and available materials-- palm market baskets are traditional to the dryer regions of the country, such as Marrakesh, while the northern regions produce the flat weave water reed totes.  Managers work with artisans and clasps.  Our supplier, after living for many years in Norway as a shopkeeper, returned to Morocco with through out the country to produce baskets which are then finished in work shops in Marrakesh with leather the focus of supporting traditional craftspeople and rural farmers, contributing to keeping rural economies viable.
Our ACCRA line are hand woven in Ghana, using traditional techniques and materials.  We have worked to 
produce our own designs, using the techniques particular to the region.