Kenkashi Microbes

We at KENKASHI harvest microbes from the top of the Blue Ridge Plateau, a place of clean soil and clean water, and make them available to you and your garden, your compost, your fields, and your animals, as a liquid concentrate or in hemp kenaf and hurd. 

The soil around us is vital for our health, and the health of the planet- the plants, the insects, and the larger animals all rely on the health and vitality of the soil beneath our feet.  Microbes in the soil form symbiotic relationships with plants, providing nitrogen, phosphorous, and many other nutrients in a way plants can digest them, just as microbes in our guts aid in digestion of our food.  Adding microbes into soil depleted by tilling and chemical treatments is akin to a pro-biotic for the soil. 

Use KENKASHI as a liquid treatment on animal bedding and fertilizer; in your compost bin to mitigate smell and to start breakdown of matter; on your fields and in your garden to introduce beneficial microbes back in to the growing cycle. Visit Kenkashi for more details on the processes and us.

Microbe Photo Courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory