Kenkashi Bokashi Microbe Compost

Bokashi composting is a magical process, truly, and Kenkashi Bokashi is a step more magical!  The bokashi compost system comes to us from Korea, and uses the principles of fermentation to hold nutrients intact in your kitchen food scraps. 

By adding microbes to your food scraps, and keeping a lid on your bin, the microbes begin fermenting your food scraps, and releasing nutrients.  Your food is ready to be buried within 10 days directly in your garden- the microbes will keep working their magic!  No need for compost bins, worm bins, any other system-- simply treat and bury your food scraps. 

We use hemp kenaf flower as our inoculated substrate, which is very absorptive and eliminates the usual bokashi liquid runoff; it also provides a denser substrate and gives the microbes a longer residence time.

Add 1/8 cup of Kenkashi hemp to your kitchen compost bin as you layer

One box for 4 kitchen compost bins.

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