Kenkashi x Bamboozle Composter & Compost Microbes Kit

Bamboo fiber compost bin, now paired with a small bag of our premium Kenkashi Kenaf fiber. This revolutionary product is designed to transform your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden, while also minimizing your carbon footprint.

Our Kenkashi Kenaf fiber is harvested from a fibrous strain of hemp flower, and is a perfect base for compost bins due to its high absorption properties. It helps to catch liquid, while our specially brewed concentrate of home-grown microbes activates decomposition through fermentation. The microbes help bind nitrogen from decomposition to the compost, which feeds your soil, making it a powerful tool for gardening enthusiasts.

Our microbes are sourced from the clean soil in the Blue Ridge mountains, and we use only the purest water to brew our concentrate. With this perfect combination of natural ingredients, you can be sure that your composting process will be efficient, odorless, and free from pests.

The Bamboozle compost bin is an ideal size, measuring 8” x 6.25” x 9”, and is crafted from high-quality bamboo fiber, making it durable and long-lasting. Its compact design allows it to fit perfectly on your kitchen counter, making it easy to dispose of your kitchen scraps while keeping your space clean and odor-free.

Make a positive impact on the environment and nourish your garden with our Bamboo fiber compost bin and Kenkashi Kenaf fiber. With this powerful combination of sustainable ingredients, you'll be able to enjoy healthy, thriving plants while reducing your carbon footprint.

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