Compost Microbes

Our Kenkashi Compost Microbes is one of the easiest methods of in-home composting! 

In our case, we inoculate “Kenaf”, or a type of hemp - which grows quickly and is highly absorbent. Bokashi is the simplest compost system  - inoculate your food scraps and bury your compost directly into the soil in as little as a month. Cut down on methane release, encourage carbon sequestration, strengthen your plants and keep nitrogen intact. Your compost will be buried, and bioavailable and ready to plant in, in just 2 weeks time.

🌱 Considerably cuts down smell!

🌱 Help increase microbial population in your kitchen compost bin to break down organic matter and make it available for planting.

🌱Use the principles of fermentation to hold nutrients intact in your kitchen food scraps.  

🌱 Eliminates the usual bokashi liquid runoff; it also provides a denser substrate and gives the microbes a longer residence time.

Microbes are a necessary and under-appreciated building block of our world. Without thriving microbes, soil becomes dirt, lifeless. Earthworms and the underground ecosystem suffers, as do plant roots, leading to diminished plants, less bees and butterflies, birds and onwards! By helping establish a balanced ecosystem, you can mitigate the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides - and make a positive contribution to reversing climate change.

.5 lbs of microbe and hemp blend.  Good for (10) 1 gallon compost bins

Contact us directly for wholesale purchasing or bulk pricing.

Type: Gardening

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