Boyd Butter Spreader

Introducing our handcrafted wooden butter spreaders, a true labor of love from the skilled hands of Glendon Boyd, a fourth-generation Appalachian woodworker from Floyd County, VA. Glendon is dedicated to preserving the traditional woodwork of the region, and these butter spreaders are a testament to his commitment to the craft.

Each spreader is hand-carved with care, resulting in a unique and beautiful piece that is truly one-of-a-kind. The simple yet elegant design is perfect for spreading butter, jams, or any other condiment of your choice. And with assorted sizes and finishes, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and personal style.

These butter spreaders are not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Their rustic charm and traditional craftsmanship make them a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of handmade objects. Plus, they make great gifts for anyone who loves cooking or collecting unique kitchen utensils.

Bring a touch of Appalachia into your kitchen with these lovely and simple wooden butter spreaders, crafted with care by a true master of the craft.

*Available for a limited time only*


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