Working moms. New moms. All the momma's.

Today I registered my son for soccer, followed up with customers, planned for our Fall season, lined up a lawn mowing job for my son, the budding entrepreneur, and considered what to do with my daughter when we go to NY Now in August.  There is no division, here, between our working and our personal lives, and that is true for all of us, in any field.  

We have a lot of young families in our area, a lot of new babies born every year, and I, of course, give baskets to the new moms.  Not because I have so many lying around, but because they are so genuinely useful!  I always give our double handled French Market Basket, with a baby blanket, some tea- an assortment of little things for mom and baby.  But the basket always becomes a staple, next to mom and baby through the early weeks, and then out and about to the store, filled to the brim.  I see my products in action every day.  I am proud of seeing them still in use years later, genuinely loved.

I wish I had a good formula for being a working mom- I know women have been working on it for years!  I love having the flexibility to be with them, and bring them to work, but I still always feel like something is suffering in the process-- too little to go around.  But we keep chipping away at it, keep working for the things we feel are important, and keep trying to build a world we want for our kids.

Happy Momma's Day!

Our sources

It has been an oddly warm winter this year- I think we have all noticed it.  Things feel pretty topsy-turvy in so many ways right now, big changes, curious shifts globally and ecologically and socially.  But we keep doing what we do, and what we love, and finding beautiful new things and appreciating the fine craftspeople and craft-work we are lucky enough to be surrounded by.

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