Kenkashi Liquid Concentrate, 1 gallon or quart

Liquid microbial concentrate is vital for any healthy ecosystem!  Help multiply and fortify the microbial population in your garden, on your raised beds, in your potted plants, feeding your flowers, or grass, or directly into pond or fountain water.  Use liquid microbes in your septic system or outhouse to help mitigate smell and convert your organic waste.  Spray liquid microbes on chicken bedding to break down their organic waste.  Feed your compost piles.  Applications are endless!  

Microbes are a necessary and under appreciated building block of our ecosystem.  Without thriving microbes, soil becomes dirt, lifeless.  Earth worms and the underground ecosystem suffers, as do plant roots, leading to diminished plants, less bees and butterflies, birds and onwards!  

Dilute our mix 1:20 with water to extend the use.  

Type: Unknown Type

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